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By Jacquelyn Smith cheap jordan 11 for sale
cheap jordan 11 for sale Anyone who suspects they've been turned down for a job due to their race, sex, age, socio-economic background, or educational pedigree knows how unfair and frustrating it is to be discriminated against for something that has nothing to do with your capabilities.
cheap jordan 11 for sale But unfortunately, hiring managers — who typically get between 85 and 124 résumés for any given entry-level job opening — do it all the time.
cheap jordan 11 for sale Three entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to remedy the problem. They developed software that allows candidates to "blind audition" for a job, meaning employers know nothing about the the job seeker's ethnicity, gender, age, or educational background when they review their application and decide whether to invite them in for an interview. Big companies like Dolby and Mozilla have already signed up.
cheap jordan 11 for sale It all started when Petar Vujosevic, 35, Kedar Iyer, 35, and Ashray Baruah, 28, met by chance in 2012. They quickly learned they had one thing in common: all three had trouble making the career moves they desired at some point in their lives because of "implicit biases associated with résumé screening," Vujosevic tells Business Insider.
cheap jordan 11 for sale At the time, Vujosevic was working as a freelance advertising strategist in Holland, Iyer was a strategist at ad agency TBWA/RAAD in Dubai, and Baruah had just quit his job as a web developer in Dubai.
cheap jordan 11 for sale Upon meeting and discussing the fact they had all been victims of biased hiring, they decided almost immediately they wanted to do something about it — "and that's how GapJumpers was born," Vujosevic explains.
cheap jordan 11 for sale "It came from our desire to make hiring more about actual skills than keywords on a résumé," Vujosevic says.
cheap jordan 11 for sale GapJumpers, which launched in June 2014, is a software platform that helps remove hiring bias through blind auditions.


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